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Three easy working tricks in medical marketing

We have three simple ideas, which you can use in your clinic without any notable expenses. If you honestly and consistently implement the offered recommendations, results in the form of new patients will be forthcoming.

The power of personalization

One of the least widespread and appreciated marketing concepts, which can attract and keep patients is the concept of care. Many clinics don't realize the fact that patients really don’t care about your business model, competitive advantage or the full range of services. The only thing they care about is their personal problems, needs, and interests. They care only about their satisfaction and relief.
If you want to stimulate potential patients to action and provide the best response to your marketing reports – make them personal. For this purpose, first of all, it is necessary to understand how exactly your medical services bring benefit to the patient.
Secondly, use the name of the person as often as possible in order to personalize the advantage of your service. You can contact hundreds of people but they in return have to see your personal appeal. Address patients personally and individually.

The log-rolling model

In other psychological and marketing sources, this strategy can also be mentioned as “mutual exchange”. The point is that first, you offer some value \bonuses to the patient before asking something from him. We will illustrate it on the example.

The example of the letter:

Hello [name of the person],
So far you should have received [link to a product or service] but if you still haven’t, tell me and I will quickly solve this problem.
[Phase of check and confirmation of satisfaction.]
I also want to make sure that you’ve received the free e-book [or other bonus] which I’ve promised. Just in case, I attach it once again [e-book] to this letter to make sure that you precisely have access to it.
[Be the first to give something]
Also, I want to ask you about some small favor.
[Now you can ask]
Feedback, which I receive from the clients, is crucial for ensuring trouble-free and effective work of our services. For all our team and me it is very important to know about your experience. If you will be able to give us a few minutes and leave a short feedback, I'd appreciate it.
Even a couple of sentences will be very important. In order to write, just press here: [link]
Thank you in advance. I look forward to your comments.

The main idea is that people react much more often when they feel reciprocity and want to restore balance. Use this technique during communication with patients by phone and e-mail.
First, you should make sure that the client is happy. Then you should offer something: some additional bonus or benefit. And only after that, you can ask to leave information or feedback which will be useful for you in attracting new patients.

Don't neglect signs

A simple and primitive idea for clinics: hang a sign on the entrance, which will redirect people to your website when the clinic is closed. Signs don't lose their efficiency and they can make a modest but stable contribution in attracting new patients.
Strategically correct locating of signs can also yield impressive results: for example, welcome inscriptions, navigation signs in the neighborhood of the clinic. In addition, you shouldn't forget about indoor advertising in the clinic.
It can be signs that carry the mass of useful information: 
  • Illustration of the website of the clinic on the smartphone
  • Calls for action
  • Phone number of urgent assistance
  • Business hours and other standard information about the company
The sign with business hours is taken for granted today. However, nowadays for the majority of clinics, the website is another digital door. For many clinics, especially those, which don’t work 24\7, the link to their website will give the patient the immediate response.
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