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Rookie mistakes in medical tourism

Today medical tourism market develops very quickly that attracts many people as they think that it is an easy way to earn money. But is it true?
Yes, all of us are business people, therefore, in the world where everything occurs quickly (fast Internet, fast delivery, etc.), we are often too lazy to read a usual article. However, I urge you to show a little patience and interest because it will help you to avoid a lot of mistakes on the way to success!
So, these are 11 main mistakes:

1. Insufficient market research
Medical tourism is the MARKET, therefore, it needs to be studied! It includes targeting, positioning, and analysis of competitors. And it has to be not a simple conversation with a friend or another self-proclaimed "expert in the field of medical tourism", but it has to be reading a large number of scholar articles! Market research can sometimes take YEARS! Therefore, you shouldn’t think that you create a website, and at once everything will go like clockwork.

2. An attempt to cover all at once
Remember that it is impossible to work successfully for all zones: Africa, Eastern countries, Russia or America. For achievement of success, it is necessary to choose one zone and develop it qualitatively. Development includes a translation of your website into a national language of the selected country (certainly, it is about high-quality translation, but not about Google translator), interesting and useful website content, regular updating of news. Remember, health is a product of trust, therefore, the patient has to know a maximum of reliable information about you and your services.

3. Excessive faith and naivety
If you are ready to pay everyone who will promise you many patients – it won't bring anything good. Often most of "super successful" trainings aren't effective but only waste your time and money. Why? – Because you missed the first paragraph. Marketing is very important!
Let's talk about a possible way to sell a product. There are enough options, but it is very important to concentrate on one thing! Let's say you choose the Internet, therefore, it has to become your main way of promotion, so, everything needs to be close to an ideal! You should work on content, design, and SEO: buy links, buy or write articles for the blog of the country from which you wait for the patients, develop social networks. The problem of naivety is that having spent money which didn't bring a result, you GET BURNED, and then you give up even interesting offers. However, it is very important to learn to understand what offer is really interesting and favorable, and what offer is useless. But you don't learn to understand it if you’ve missed the first paragraph, and you have not enough knowledge of the market. All make mistakes, and it is normal, especially, if it is about the first stages. But it’s in your power to prevent repeated mistakes.

4. Unwillingness to invest money in development
ANY business demands some investments, and everyone has to understand it! Another thing is that necessary knowledge and experience will help to reduce them. For example, outsourcing will help you with the translations and the website: you will be able to save money on writing articles, and even on staff and translators. If you hire the representative of the aimed market, his knowledge of the culture and specific characteristics of this country will undoubtedly help to gain interest and trust of the patients. Today it’s normally to pay bloggers or other people for articles and testimonials as it will help you to enhance your reputation. Internet marketing is an integral part of success. It is impossible to invest 300 euros in one article and wait for a good result – you won't get it! But it is possible to publish several articles and a response for 300 euros. What option will bring more success? Don’t hesitate to bargain!

5. Today I start a company, tomorrow I will have many thousands of patients
Yes, such option is quite possible too … – But only in your dreams! As well as any other market, the market of medical tourism demands development and time to build knowledge, allowing your website not to be on the outskirts of Google, but at the top. You need at least a minimum brand awareness, and in the health market, it is needed even more! All know that brand reputation is developed FOR YEARS.

6. If you have patients, send them to me
Just look at your company from the side and think: why will someone send you the patients? Don't forget to think of your popularity, hype, and concentration of the market. Do you offer a percentage? Well, it’s a real option, but will it be interesting for somebody? For example, you say that treatment in India costs little and you offer a percentage. Russian providers work for years with Israel and Germany, and people go FOR THE QUALITY there, but not for low prices! Plus, the brand awareness of German and Israeli treatment is much better, therefore, the patient comes and says that he wants Germany. So what is the point of offering him India? For example, India can earn you 500 dollars, Germany – 1500! And it is necessary to consider that Germany one of the best-selling countries in medical tourism, therefore, it isn't even necessary to be engaged in its promotion and advertising. You shouldn't think that someone will promote your direction for you. You shouldn't think that your only task is to find partners, and they will do all the rest. First of all, it is necessary to study the market!

7. You pay for voyages of potential buyers
Actually, you pay for voyages of people who just want to travel at your expense, but they won’t send you patients. Those who are really interested in you will arrive at their own expense.

8. You don't know how the patient makes decisions
To learn that, it is necessary to study scholar articles long and scrupulously. Let's return to the paragraph where you want patients to be sent to you.
For example, you say to the patient that you can send him for treatment to Thailand, for example, to Thailand Care. Do you think that the patient will tell you that he is ready and he’s going to pack his bags? I don't think so! First of all, he will try to find any information on Thailand, on your company. And what are the chances that the patient will want to go to the unknown country if he finds nothing IN HIS OWN LANGUAGE? Our advice: create competitive advantages! How to do that? There are many ways, but we’ll speak about them next time.

9. You don’t know how to invest money
Before spending huge money for certificates or partnership, ask yourself if they are necessary to you. It’s better to study the market. When someone sells you the American dream and a lot of patients from the States, look what percent of the population has international passports! You buy newspaper articles which cost 2000 euro, but you do not want to buy an article for 300 euros on the Internet? And do you know that your article in the newspaper will be relevant for a week or a month, maximum for a year as its audience is very limited. But when you buy an article on the Internet, you shouldn’t worry about its relevance, it will be on the website as long as it exists. And the audience will be limited only to the language in which the article is written! Spend money intelligently! For example, only an hour of consultation with a marketing specialist from Europe (if you are aimed at Europe) can help you to save big money.

10. How can we cooperate?
The secret of fruitful cooperation is not in thoughts of your benefit but in thoughts of what you can give. If each side thinks not only about its benefit, the process of cooperation will be much more fruitful.

11. Greed.
Each person has to earn money to exist. That also applies to different organizations and associations. All know that time is money. However, you can evaluate the service and decide that it is too expensive, and tell about it to the one who offers you a partnership, certification, online lesson or conference.
We thank Mickael Guignier for the information.

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