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Online reputation management in medical tourism

It is no secret that any tourist, and especially the medical tourist during the choice of the direction always tries to find as much information as possible. Today, thanks to the Internet it’s possible to find the necessary information very quickly. You know, the domain of medicine is very specific, and a matter of trust is extremely important here.
There are many methods of the trust creation, for example, you can have the representative or prescribers with a good reputation. It’s not easy to become the partner of such company as they have a limited number of partners and many requirements for the service providers.
The second method seems clear but for some reason many companies ignore it. By that, we mean online reputation management or e-reputation. What is online reputation management?
  • Social networks. Active groups in social networks are very important, also adaptation to local social networks of your aimed country is no less important. For example, if you want to work with Russia, then you should pay more attention to VKontakte rather than Facebook.
  • Google Advertising, contextual advertising, AdWords, YouTube, advertising in social networks.
  • Purchasing and exchanging links for the promotion of your website
  • Testimonials
  • Articles about you and stories of your patients on different blogs
The presence of your company on the various aggregator websites and platforms. Why is it important? Perhaps the website is useless and it won’t get you clients, however, it will positively affect your Internet promotion.
Spending on Internet promotion may sound like a lot of money, but this is not the case. Just compare it to the cost of the placement in a magazine, which will be relevant at best one or two months.
The statistics show that users more often choose online blogs and magazines rather than their offline versions. One article in a magazine will cost you at best 1000-2000 euros, with that money you can buy more than 5 articles on popular Internet resources.
You shouldn’t think that traditional advertising channels are dead, however, it is safe to assume that Internet promotion is much more effective. Strong online reputation management will get you not only patients but also good buyers as your e-reputation will suit them.
Use your money wisely and do not ignore marketing and advertising that is especially important in medical tourism.
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