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A changeable patient is a new reality of medical marketing

A predictable and obedient patient is a thing of the past. Today clinics treat patients with an absolutely new profile. Old-school marketing which attracted patients earlier becomes more and more ineffective.

Nowadays because of a great choice of variants, patients expect customer service and effect of “retail trade” practically in all spheres. Besides, the life of marketing specialists in a clinic demands constant work on attracting those patients who will need medical services in the future.

Today, when the patient has interest in this or that service — first of all, he uses the Internet. The process of purchasing and decision-making starts with Google or another search engine. Today's patients don't want to talk on the phone until they decided that you will be able to help them. Some facts about today's patients who changed for the last few years are given below:

Nowadays patients want to save as much money as possible. People want to control their costs, and growth of alternative options encourages them to study more proposals and look for the best option. How can your clinic make the patient the best offer?
  • Patients prefer online
The Internet is an instant available source of information. Information on health is one of the most popular search requests of Internet users today. E-mail and search engines are also at the top.
  • Digital communication channels are becoming more and more important in the decision-making process
Nearly 70% of the consumers address digital channels when they are ready to buy.
  • The purchase is a deliberate decision
Patients who are ready or almost ready to come to the clinic look for data, responses of other patients, ratings of clinics, methods of treatment and other information on the Internet. They need all this to make sure they made the right decision.
  • The first 3 pages in search engines are of critical importance
Statistically, the first page of Google or other search engine attracts about 30 percent of through traffic. And the first three pages usually receive 50 percent of users.
  • Patients get vital data online
The Internet gives a link to the landing page of the clinic, its address, phone number, contact form and other data necessary for the patient if he wants to come to your clinic.
  • Active management of online reputation is a new demand
So far, some clinics and doctors still haven't got their Internet pages, or they simply ignore the Internet. Websites and web pages, thematic resources, testimonials, thematic pages in social networks, blogs of popular colleagues — all this demands regular monitoring.
  • Local search attracts patients
Even nowadays results of the local search are extremely important. For a standard retail, nearly 80 percent of geolocation requests from mobile devices result in a short-term purchase. Big but “remote” audience is unlikely to become clients of your clinic. Moreover, people who search locally, as a rule, buy right there.

Today patients are very difficult consumers – even more often they expect customer service and effect of “retail trade”. The simple fact is that when they don't find a convenient solution in one clinic, the Internet gives them an opportunity to find a replacement quickly and painlessly. This is the most important fact that modern clinics should remember.
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