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Medical tourism: And what about professionalism?

Some of our patients ask us to advise them on the direction by providing a list of criteria. Someone wants the cheapest, someone does not want to go far, and someone wants something exotic. We always say all these people that we cannot make choices for them but we can give advice and gather the necessary information so that the patient can make his own choice based on the information provided.

Everyone knows how important it is for a patient to obtain exhaustive information about his upcoming choice. Especially if it's not just about a spoiled vacation but something more valuable – his health. In her scientific publications, Yousra Hallem has repeatedly said about the importance of the Internet because the development of medical tourism is directly proportional to the development of the Internet.

First of all, it is connected with information, which becomes more and more accessible. Therefore, a quality well-ranked website with the languages of the countries you are targeting, in conjunction with useful information and photos is very important. It is your site that will play a role in the perceived value of your client. However, in this article, we will not talk about the site, we’ll talk about professionalism that's often missing among healthcare facilitators.

Medical tourism develops quickly and confidently, it is a profitable business and as it happens with any profitable business, it attracts amateurs who think they will make a site and start cutting down money. However, as practice shows, not everything is so simple. There is one more moment that is unpleasant: such incompetent people spoil an overall picture, clutter the Internet space, and spend time in vain for both patients and their colleagues, including the "buyers". How? Everything is very simple.
  • Regular spam with non-personal messages. In most such cases, it is clear that there was simply a mailing without any study of the company's activities and you personally.
  • Unprofessional messages, slang, lack of politeness. You do not sell persimmons in the market of Marrakech, why do you behave this way? This behavior does not inspire confidence and does not give the desire to cooperate with you. How can you trust such person? And we are not talking about the signature at the end with the wish of a good day but about the minimum respect. If it’s a custom in your country, then make sure that in the country of your interlocutor there is such informal communication. You work at an international level and there are rules that need to be respected.
  • But the most painful are low-quality, non-personal and inadequate offers. A quality offer is a prepared offer that is clear and personalized. A patient from France does not speak English? The offer and description of services should be in French or the patient simply will not understand it even if he wants. None of your partners will translate and finish your bad offers; they will simply choose someone who will already have ready-made, correct professional offers. Does the patient want to get something cheaper? A little effort and the Internet will help you to understand how much your offer might be interesting to him. If you clearly see that you do not fit the criteria for his selection, it’s better not to offer at all.
There are different kinds of applications: there are those, which have practically zero useful information, and you can see nothing without studying the medical file but there are those that can easily give you an answer. Approximate price, the list of doctors and clinics… for such applications, it's just a terrible unprofessionalism to respond with one sentence or one price. Prepare a general brochure for each market you work with, a description of hospitals, information on doctors, sample prices, so that the patient has some impression. Also, it will greatly simplify the work for you and for your partner.

If we give a clear request, then we want to get a clear answer, questions with counter-questions go to the trash can because nobody wants to waste his time on constant explanations. Put yourself in the patient's place and in the place of your partner! Do you have several clinics, several doctors? Choose some of them and offer, just offer, with photos and faces of satisfied customers who have already visited this clinic.

Let's us together develop quality, fruitful, and most importantly comfortable methods of cooperation, in which there will be three winners: you, your partner and, most importantly, your PATIENT!
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