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Just Don’t Lose the Money!

Your workers deprive you of profit

Sluggish, inactive, and sometimes even silly workers who are capable to work only in accordance with an established order of proceedings are costly for clinics and medical companies.

How to get more profit

It is normal if the chief wants to optimize work in order to maximize profit. Medical institutions, especially private, aren't an exception. In much of the world, nobody is shocked that the medicine became the business. Today there are more and more firms connected with medicine, and as we know, the main task of any firm is to make a profit.
The process of making a profit can be clear as, for example, the sale. In case of medical tourism – it is the purchase of medical service by the foreign citizen. Very few of your workers understand that not only the sale and attraction are important (advertising on the Internet, on radio and so on). Actually, any action, which can even theoretically promote sale and help to make a profit is important. Lack of these actions leads to the fact that your company loses money.

How to optimize work of medical business

You have to pay close attention to secondary actions. These are those actions, which won't lead directly to sale, however, they will promote recognition and confidence in your services. Such actions, at first sight, may seem unnecessary. For example, you have met the representative of a new undeveloped platform, and he suggests you to register your firm on this platform.
If you refuse under the pretext that it is the new platform then you will lose money because any source of information about you strengthens your Internet presence and recognition. And if it is also possible to leave their link to your website then it will strengthen its positions. How many workers don't think beforehand, don't analyze or simply don't know the principles of marketing and miss an opportunity to develop their business.

How do I lose foreign patients?

Initially the fact that your workers do not attach enough importance to some, at first sight, uninteresting things is a problem, and they do it from your example. Namely you have told that SPAM should be deleted without reading that it is necessary to concentrate on exhibitions and websites, which give a percent for the patient because it minimizes investments and risks. As a result, your workers know that you save on marketing. But even if you’ll tell them to show you all interesting letters, a half of them won't reach you. You know, the one who can think and analyze has opened his own business.

What to do?

The answer to this question was given by Fayol long time ago – control! You should look through SPAM and e-mails, as there it is possible to find interesting offers. It is also very important to improve your manager skills. If you don’t know to improve your website on the Internet then how you will be able to check the made work and attract clients or patients. You should regularly follow the news and analyze work of your competitors. Otherwise, you won’t get good results.
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