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How to develop your destination in France

Nowadays medical tourism is very popular. However, some people are afraid to go for treatment to a foreign country with different language and culture. For this purpose, we created Meditravel!

Meditravel helps patients find the best solution to their health problem.

Our work consists of two stages:

1. Informational support of patients: provision of information on the website, consultation of the patient by phone and other communication channels.

2. Organization of the travel and coordination of all stages of treatment of Meditravel patient at a clinic abroad: from preparation for the travel and even after returning home after treatment.

What our partners get:

1. Presence on the international platform among the best clinics is a unique opportunity to make a statement.

2. Access to foreign patients. Monthly more than 10 000 users worldwide visit our website.

3. Knowledge, trust, and loyalty. More than 500 patients from 29 French-speaking countries (eg. Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, the Ivory Coast) leave applications on our website on a monthly basis. Your presence on the Meditravel platform among the world's best clinics not only increases confidence but also strengthens your reputation.

4. Qualitative page of the clinic. To fill in the page of the clinic, we need to get full information about the clinic, the diseases (on which you specialize), high-quality photos, doctors’ CV, price list, ready-made treatment programs (package programs)

5. Saving costs for additional staff. Our practicing coordinators who keep in touch with the patient from the moment of his treatment before going to the clinic and returning home carry out consultation and validation of patients. Coordinators can communicate with patients in nine languages. This saves not only your time but also money.

6. Only high quality leads. We contact each and every patient without exception, provide all necessary information about your clinic, describe prices, collect anamnesis, report cards, and available documents, and only then we transfer the patient to you.

In most cases, we work directly with clinics. In cases where agencies that represent any clinic contact us, it is important for us to understand which clinics you represent.

Under what conditions do you work with clinics? It is important that these are direct contracts, and patients receive a direct bill from the clinic, pay directly to the clinic without any extra charges.

With partners, we work on a percentage business model. Patients pay all bills directly to clinics; Meditravel does not receive any rewards from patients.
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