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How to build Brand Awareness in Medical Tourism

What is brand awareness in medical tourism? Is brand awareness the same for medical destinations as for any other product or service?
Let's try to figure it out!
First of all, it is very important to understand that in medicine, trust is one of the most important components. You can raise the level of trust in several ways:
  • Good service levels (quality of treatment and service)
  • Satisfied patients, word of mouth
  • Advertising, marketing (be popular)

Available Information

The available information and advertising should be considered separately because it directly affects brand awareness. On the one hand, with high-quality advertising, you can tell about your qualities and advantage over competitors. On the other hand, the available information will enhance confidence.
Information must be written in the patient’s native language. French are not seeking information in English, so it's wrong to make a website in English just because it is an international language and that it will fit everyone.
Brand awareness in medical tourism is a complex thing since it includes two components. One of them is your company (medical provider, clinic). The second one depends on the country image (as it is about tourism).
There is a suggestion that there is one more thing – a medical country image that will depend not only on macro factors (social, economic, political) but also on additional medical factors such as the number of medical discoveries, famous doctors and so on...
The government should develop the country image and promote the development of the medical country image. For one unit it will be difficult to build the country image, but there is a theory if there are many actors of the market and each of them will invest and affiliate, the atomicity will form a positive impact on the medical country image.
What small steps and actions do market participants need?
  • Website and blog in different languages
  • Publications on international portals and blogs
  • Advertising in various media if possible
As you understand, the competition here is almost impossible because your competitor is actually your colleague. Especially if it concerns countries that do not have a very good macro image because it has a very negative impact on its medical tourism.
An important conclusion that we can make is the need for collaboration and communication. If you have no money for publishing advertisements in mass media and puff pieces, you must make your own efforts!
As a result, you will become a happy recipient of patients from someone else's marketing, and someone will receive patients for your efforts and this is quite normal and even good. And if no one does anything, then the flow of patients will be weak, and according to the market report, there will be enough patients for everyone!
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