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With regard to the ban on advertising of medical services in France, we created the information portal about the medical facilities all over the world.
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In spite of the fact that there is a very strong health care system in France, many companies, which are engaged in medical tourism, underestimate the potential of this country:
The French travel abroad for treatment, which isn't covered by a national insurance (a plasticity, a dentistry, etc.).
The French living abroad turn to residential medical facilities.
The French actively travel and sometimes they need some help during the travel.
The portal in French is focused also on other French-speaking countries.
We offer
Your own website on our portal
SEO promotion
Lack of constant expenses on marketing
Certified program
Personal assistant-translator
Presence of your medical services in the French market
Back-to-back patients from France
Improve your reputation in France by using additional services: publication of articles, publication in social networks and banners on our website with links to your website and description of your facilities Read all news
It is no secret that any tourist, and especially the medical tourist during the choice of the direction always tries to find as much information as possible. Today, thanks to the Internet it’s possible to find the nece...
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We have three simple ideas, which you can use in your clinic without any notable expenses. If you honestly and consistently implement the offered recommendations, results in the form of new patients will be forthcoming...
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Your workers deprive you of profit Sluggish, inactive, and sometimes even silly workers who are capable to work only in accordance with an established order of proceedings are costly for clinics and medical companies....
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Tariff 1 – Basic
500 €
Lifelong placement of your facility on the website
• Description of the medical facility (to 300 words)
• Photos of the medical facility (to 10)
• Doctors – specialty, category, photos (to 10)
• Price list in euros
• Addresses and contacts
All texts are accepted in French, uniqueness should be at least 80%, without mistakes.
Tariff 2 – Business
700 €
Lifelong placement of your facility on the website
• Translation of your profile from English into French
• Description of the medical facility (to 500 words)
• Photos of the medical facility (to 20)
• Doctors – specialty, category, photos (to 20)
• Price list in euros
• Addresses and contacts
All texts are accepted in English, uniqueness should be at least 80%
Certified program *
300 €
To enhance the trust of the website’s visitors we created the special certified program, which includes additional control over the integrity of the provided information. Certificates And Diplomas of the doctors (represented on the website) License (state permission) for permission to carry out medical activities In the implementation of innovative forms of treatment, the documents confirming it are necessary.
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